Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet Parent Poem

Here is a sweet little poem that I send home at the beginning of the year to the parents and guardians of my students. Several parents have told me that this poem brought them to tears! I have come across several versions of this poem over the years, and I am not sure who the original author is, but I did make a few changes to come up with this version.

Also, I have sent out the ABC order centers to those of you who left me a message with your email address and follow my blog. If you left me a message and didn't get it, let me know so that I can resend it. If you would like the centers, and didn't leave a message- it's not too late - just leave a message and I will send them to you!! Thanks for following!! ;)


  1. Such a sweet poem, I love it! Also, thank you for the ABC centers. I'm new to 1st grade and very thankful for all these lovely resources =)

  2. You are welcome! I am glad that it is useful to you!