Friday, July 22, 2011

Library Book Labels - Updated

Mrs. E at "The Sweet Life of Third Grade" is having a linky party showcasing many wonderful classroom libraries. I just love looking at pictures of other classroom libraries (and classrooms in general) as a way to get ideas to improve my own! 

I have recently updated my own book box labels for my classroom library. I just can't stop buying books, which results in the need to add more categories! If you'd like a copy of my updated labels click on any of the picture below. (These are just some of the labels.)

If you'd like to read my original posts about my classroom library, click here.

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  1. Hello! I stumbled upon this particular page from Pinterest. I love this idea. You have made my life as a mother of two(who own hundreds of children's books) much easier. Also, once I go back to school-- I'm pretty sure that I am going to get my degree in elementary education-- so this idea will be used again. I can't wait to check out the rest of your blog! :)