Friday, May 13, 2011

My Classroom Library - Continued

Allowing children to check books out of the classroom library is important but finding a way to keep it organized and non-time consuming is not the easiest thing to accomplish. Over the last few years, I have modified the way I have children check books out of the classroom library and I think I finally have came up with a method that it simple, organized, and doesn't seem to take up a lot of my time.

I purchased this nifty little red bulletin board at the Goodwill for only $2. (Great deal, huh?) I purchased the library card pockets at the dollar tree. Each pocket has a child's name on it. Then I added an index card to each pocket. The index cards are also labeled with a child's name.

I use the index cards to write which books each child checks out. ( I actually let them check out two books at a time - one that they can read all by themselves and one that they would enjoy having someone at home read to them.) I cross the books off of their index cards when the books are returned.

In addition to the index cards, each child has a large zip lock bag labeled with their name.

If it is their turn to check out books, I place the empty bag on their desk and their job is to choose two books from the classroom library for morning work. Then they place the bag on my desk, I record which books they checked out, and give the bag back to them to take home. I also have a basket labeled returned books for when they bring their bag back. I then check the books back into the classroom library, cross the list of books off of their list, and the process begins all over again.

If I notice that a child has had a book checked out for a little while, I send home this friendly reminder notice so that he/she can check out more!

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