Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY Lamp

A little while ago I posted about some goodwill treasures that I bought - including a lamp that I wanted to revamp for my jungle-themed room. Well, I finally finished it. (And, it was super easy to do!)

Here is the BEFORE picture again:

And here is what it looks like AFTER:

Of course, my little shadow (aka Snickers) snuck into this picture. This sweet little cat follows me around the house all day checking out what I am doing. :) When we took this little stray into our house, we weren't really sure if we would be able to keep him - now we can't even imagine not having him! He is the sweetest little thing!

Anyways, if you'd like to do your own lamp-makeover, it is really simple. Here is what I did.
(Sorry - some of these pictures are not the best quality.)

Use a pencil to trace to length of fabric needed on the backside of the fabric.

Cut the fabric a few inches wider than the line that you traced.

Here he is - watching everything I do. :)

Spray this adhesive on the shade and press the fabric into place. This adhesive stays tacky for a little bit so you will have time to make the fabric fit just right. (You may notice that I painted the shade white to try to get rid of the pattern showing through when the lamp is turned on. If I was to do this again, I would just start with a white shade.)

Fold and hot glue the fabric to create a seam.

Fold and hot glue to over-hanging fabric.

I had to snip the fabric so that it would fold around the metal pieces.

Everything is now glued into place.

I added this peel and stick beaded trim. (I found it at Jo-Ann's on clearance.)

Lastly, I hot glued this brown satin ribbon on the top and bottom edge of the shade.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. You have a second career in the making. Your peers will be asking you for make overs before you know it. Looks great.