Monday, August 1, 2011

More Jungle Freebies

I'm back with more jungle themed freebies! First, I have nametags that I will put in our cubbies. There are four different tags for four different groups. Last year, I had a red, green, yellow, and blue group. Since I have color-coded baskets already made, I plan on sticking with the same color groups, but with a jungle twist. So...I made a blue elephant tag, a red zebra tag, a green monkey tag, and a yellow lion tag. Click on any of the pictures below for your free copy!

       Also, I have been thinking about how I will manage my reading logs this year. In the past, I have sent home a weekly form that I collected every week. (Resulting in lots of loose paper!) Then, I switched to a monthly calendar, but those seemed to get lost in the shuffle and weren't always returned. Therefore, I am going to try using a three-pronged folder this year. I will add the cover that you see below, and laminate the folders. Inside, I will add a letter to the parents explaining the reading log procedures. Then, I will add the reading log papers inside the folder. I will collect the folder every Friday, add a sticker if the child meets thier weekly reading goal, and then send the same folder home again.

Click on the picture to download.

Any thoughts on reading logs, friends? How do you manage them? What types of rewards (if any) do you use?

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  1. I love your little jungle signs! Thanks for sharing your talent! You don't happen to have a tiger by chance? I have five groups and I need to come up with one more animal! Thanks again!